An essential component of running a business in the twenty first century is social media. This is not simply Face Book and Twitter but a whole range of online, interconnected platforms.

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Social networks are an important tool which can be exploited to engage and interact with people on-line that can lead to tangible benefits.


The common prejudice against social media is that it's for teenagers and is sued to merely communicate personal information or frivolous images and videos.


This is a potentially dangerous fallacy and you could be disregarding one of the most effective means of promoting your company or trade.


Many business owners are over 40 and may feel social media is irrelevant. Unfortunately most under 40 year olds would disagree. They use these platforms daily to find, exchange and share information. This could include someone tweeting about your service or product. Potentially, this message could reach the world. This is known as 'going viral'.


Conversely, if you are not involved you are not in the conversation. As well as good news being spread, negative information can be spread too. If you are not there to mitigate, defend or repair this damage you cannot turn this around to your benefit. It will look like you are ignoring the valuable feedback. We can guide you in the important issues of 'online reputation management' and show you ways in which you can ensure that you respond in the right way.



Social Media

Twitter explained

An overview

Facebook explained

On the right are a some useful videos available on YouTube that explain what Social Media does and how Twitter and Face Book work in basic terms.


We have the knowledge to maximise the benefits of this modern revolution and  show you how you can target your clients  as precisely or broadly as you want.


Take a few minutes to view the videos. If you want to learn more, contact us for an initial meeting  when we will be pleased to provide an overview of what we can do for you and your business.

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